Your Investment


Frequent questions that potential franchisees ask are often related to investment, finances and the structure of a One You Love Homecare franchise business.

The financial requirement to open a One You Love Homecare franchise in the United States is $84,000 – $138,850 (includes the $50K franchise fee). The actual cost depends on selected territory (or territories), geographic area among other factors.

When it comes to the initial franchise fee and royalty fees, the following is a basic overview:

  • Franchise Fee $50,000
  • Royalty Fees 5%
  • Marketing Fund 1%

Everyone has questions and the best approach is to contact us to start a discussion.  The first step is always a call (855-203-4398) or via our email request form here.


While it may be obvious to some, it is important to detail the population growth trends that are driving the senior care industry. The demand for services in the senior care industry continues to increase every single year. Starting from the year 2015, more than 8,000 people are turning 65 every day. By the end of 2025, the senior population in America will reach nearly 72 million. (Source: The Department of Health and Human Services and the State Department)

The need for senior care services is growing out of necessity and is largely based on changing demographics, technological advances, societal factors, and lifestyle changes that include:

  • 89% of seniors prefer their own homes over assisted living facilities
  • Medical technologies enable seniors to live longer and remain more active
  • Dual-income families do not have the availability to care for mom or dad
  • More and more children live away from their parents
  • Changes to Medicare / Medicaid have placed more of care burden onto families