A Low Cost Franchise Opportunity

By being selective in who we award franchises plus exclusive territory offerings, One You Love Homecare enables franchise owners to take advantage of low investment requirements within a fully supported environment on top of a proven business model.

We are also currently offering incentives to military and first responders.

We look for people who will strive to be the best. Finding the right franchise partners takes time and requires a thorough selection process. We have always taken the approach that our clients are like members of our own families — so we treat our clients and caregivers as they should be treated. Along those lines, we are looking for entrepreneurs that are willing to commit their time and capital to building their own community-focused operation dedicated to the business of caring for others.

One You Love Homecare offers low-cost franchise opportunities starting from $84,000. The capital investment is based on territory size, geographic area, and other factors as detailed in our franchise offering documents.

One You Love Homecare offers a proven track-record of success and delivers new owners the advantages of our years of hands-on, industry experience. Unlike other franchises, with One You Love Homecare, you will have access to top level management who built the business from scratch.

Large, Exclusive & Protected Territories

One You Love Homecare utilizes cutting edge demographic software to build unique, customized senior care territories personalized for your specific situation.

No Industry Experience Necessary

Another major advantage of the One You Love Homecare model builds off the unique but rewarding senior in-home care industry. Are you interested in starting a home care business?  While sounding great on paper without the proper support and training, the industry can be a difficult one to break into — yet another reason why we are sharing our model with others. From the One You Love Homecare founder David Giacobbo, who sums up his own experience, “The senior care industry delivers both personal and professional fulfillment — building your team’s future day in and day out — all while caring and helping families create the best life possible for their loved ones.”

So the key is to not feel intimidated because over 90% of franchise owners in the industry have had no previous experience in the senior home care industry.

A Growth Industry Unlike Any Other:

  • More Than 8,000 People are Turning 65 Every Single Day
  • By the end of 2025, the senior population in America will reach nearly 72 million.
  • In 2030, One in Every Five Americans will be an Older Adult.
  • By 2050, Americans aged 65 or older will number close to 90 million people: more than double the number of older adults in the United States in 2010

One You Love Homecare Delivers to You:

– Low Cost Franchise Opportunities

– Exclusive and Protected Territories

– Proven track-record of success

– Only Experience Required is a Commitment to Caring for Others