Rebecca Richardson

Rebecca Richardson

Office Manager

Rebecca is a Health and Wellness professional with over a decade of experience working within the intricacies of people management and massage therapy.

She developed a passion for elderly care when she volunteered to assist both grandmothers with their full-time care in their time of need. She came to One You Home Care because she realized how important it is for loved ones to receive the best care possible and knew this was her path in life. She started her career in Management in 1999, while working at a fine restaurant in Medford, New Jersey at the early age of 18. Being so young and obtaining such a high level management position at a well established restaurant is a testimony to her high level skill set she possesses. Leading by example, Rebecca quickly earned the respect of co-workers through her hard work, empathy and dedication.

In 2016, she combined both skill sets and began her journey in management in the Health and Wellness industry. Over the last four years, she has created and implemented best practices, established standards of practice while keeping Customer Satisfaction as the highest priority .

She possesses keen insight in targeting operational deficiencies, creating sustainable solutions and can find personnel to be the best fit for successful operational standards and results. The implementation of her operational plan became the blueprint for many locations that quickly brought faulting location into a positive conversion.

Contact Rebecca at 215-837-5407 or via our web form.