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We find joy in opening our hearts and providing care and support to your family member.  We pride ourselves on carrying out our mission as if every client were our Mom or Dad.  We place an intense focus on ensuring that each client receives quality care with the love and attention they deserve, and that the supporting family is aware of their progress and activities.

We provide senior in-home care services for your loved one with a focused, supportive approach every step of the way.  Our agency provides comprehensive care experiences for our clients and their families with a level of transparency and communication that is unrivaled in the industry.

Martin and Gianna, co-owners of One You Love Homecare Dallas-Ft. Worth, have both lived through the experience of having family members that required loving support and care outside of what their family could provide.  Long-held wishes of loved ones remaining ‘in their homes’ went unfulfilled because the proper service with the right level of care, support and communication, did not exist in the market for them.

This fueled a desire to impact change.  Martin and Gianna set out to ensure others in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area would have access to the very services that they wanted for their own family.  One You Love Homecare, a national brand focused on family, was the perfect solution.

Martin and Gianna are thrilled to have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of seniors in their own ‘back yard’.  Proudly serving seniors throughout the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex, including Dallas, North Dallas, Southlake, Colleyville, Flower Mound, Grapevine, Highland Village, Coppell and Plano.

Senior Care at One You Love is always personalized, customized and structured to meet the needs of the individual.

A Registered Nurse will initiate the care by completing your initial Care Assessment.  The One You Love Homecare team, our RN and Care Management professionals, will take the time necessary to fully understand the physical and emotional needs of our client, incorporating a comprehensive plan of care to ensure all of those needs are met consistently in a way that fosters a compassionate and engaging environment.

Knowing that on-going management of care is where the homecare experience often falls short, One You Love ensures that a Registered Nurse remains in close contact with clients, families and the caregivers assigned to provide care.  The team is fully engaged to field concerns or questions the caregiver and family members may have regarding the plan of care.

The comprehensive approach to ensuring care needs are continuously met includes constant communication between the RN, family, caregivers, and office staff.  The needs of our clients change, and those changes can be overwhelming and can happen very quickly.  Our staff is always monitoring our client’s and we are ready when changes emerge.  Our team strives to reduce risk for our clients by being proactive with adjustments in the plan of care, as well as escalating concerns and changes to the family, as well as other members of care team.

A challenging aspect of working with senior family members needing care is the feeling that the activities around your loved one occur in a silo.  Without a clear focus on communication and transparency, it can be difficult to be aware of what is happening day to day with your loved one and their caregiver.  One You Love Homecare utilizes technology to establish open channels of communication between the family and their loved one, ensuring family access to daily activity logs, changes, updates or concerns.  This well-rounded approach results in an informed and educated care team, including family caregivers.  This openness and engagement often results in a safer and more comfortable environment for your loved one.

Finally, One You Love Homecare team members can also coordinate and monitor all needed services and daily living tasks, being the conduit between clients and their healthcare providers to ensure doctor visits as required, as well as more routine tasks such as getting their hair done or going to lunch with a friend.

At One You Love Homecare, we are not just caregivers, we are family.

Co-Founders One You Love Homecare Dallas
-Martin Evans & Gianna Venturi

Take Advantage of Any of


personalized care


Focus on Physical Needs
Personal Care focuses primarily on the client and his or her physical needs. Personal Senior Care is provided by a Certified Home Health Aide who can do everything offered by a Companion Care Plan plus other “hands-on” care.


Focus on Daily Living & Socialization
Companion Care focuses primarily on basic socialization and activities of daily living while offering a wide range of services to clients including assistance with grooming, ambulation, dressing, medication reminders and more.
comprehensive care


Full Suite of Senior Care Services
Comprehensive Care provides an unrivaled suite of senior care offerings, all based on our exclusive comprehensive care plan assessments and includes extended offerings for your loved one.

One You Love Home Care Dallas provides senior in home care services for your loved one with a focused, supportive approach every step of the way. We pride ourselves on being one of the only home care companies that delivers truly comprehensive care experiences for our client families.

*At times, caregivers may require slightly higher billing rates for specialty care cases or cases that are particularly difficult to cover.

**All holidays are billed at time holiday rates. All rates are listed and detailed for the care of one client. Couple rates are also available upon request.

Meet the founders of


Martin Evans & Gianna Venturi

Martin Evans & Gianna Venturi

Martin Evans is the proud co-owner (with his wife Gianna Venturi) and operator of One You Love Homecare Dallas. Martin has an extensive professional…
Donna Jones

Donna Jones

Director, Marketing and Sales

Are You a Caregiver Looking for a New Opportunity?

You do not build a superior care team without exceptional caregivers. If you are looking for a caregiver job, please note that trust is always a key foundation for us and we always expect patience, empathy and compassion along with being a reliable and flexible person. We train and manage all of our caregiving team and if you would like to apply to become a caregiver at One You Love Homecare, please apply online.